1. I desire to be happy and funny
  2. I desire to have a great family life
  3. I desire to have a great father / son relationship with my sons
  4. I desire to have an awesome loving and sexual relationship with my wife Esther
  5. I desire to be the healthiest I have ever been and maintain a healthy lifestyle
  6. I desire to weigh less than 225 and optimal weight is less than 205
  7. I desire to be a popular published novel writer
  8. I desire to write a blockbuster movie
  9. I desire to travel the world with my family
  10. I desire to be a successful football coach
  11. I desire to be in tune with the universe and understands its meaning
  12. I desire to be financially secure and ready for retirement
  13. I desire to own a home on Lake Tahoe or in Steamboat Colorado
  14. I desire to be a good and moral person
  15. I desire to curb my anger and temper
  16. I desire to build a custom home of our dreams on 3 acres of land
  17. I desire to workout everyday with Esther and lead healthier lives
  18. I desire to make my wife the happiest wife in the world
  19. I desire to pay for my sons college expenses
  20. I desire to enjoy movement over sitting on the couch
  21. I desire all the gifts of the universe has to offer me
  22. I desire always to learn from my experiences
  23. I desire to let go of the past and look to the future
  24. I desire not to have any enemies
  25. I desire to be the best at what I do
  26. I desire to play competitive open tournament racquetball again and win age group
  27. I desire to eat more fruits and vegetables
  28. I desire to have many friends
  29. I desire to have hope and not hate
  30. I desire to own a very cool sports car
  31. I desire to write 3k to 5k words a day on novel
  32. I desire to feel and act 33 again
  33. I desire to have the strength of a  23 again
  34. I desire my cells to be healthy and cure sickness in my body
  35. I desire to do what it takes to achieve my goals and desires
  36. I desire the universe to reveals its secrets to me
  37. I desire the second half of my life to be better than the first half
  38. I desire to be a good cook
  39. I desire to understand people and not judge
  40. I desire to let go of my ego
  41. I desire to keep in touch with friends
  42. I desire to have a better social life
  43. I desire my body to heal itself from sickness
  44. I desire to live into my 100s and be mentally and physically active
  45. I desire to sleep better and more normal schedule
  46. I desire to read one book or more a month
  47. I desire to own a motorcycle again and ride
  48. I desire to travel to Alaska and the world
  49. I desire to take Esther back to Europe for three weeks
  50. I desire to take Esther to Hawaii for two weeks

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