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    • Nearly 63% of youngsters aged 6 to 17 participate in team sports, with about two thirds of that number participating frequently, according to the latest data from the SGMA
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    • Only about half (51 per cent) of children five to 14 years old regularly participated in sports, according to 2005 figures, down from 57 per cent in 1992.
    • The survey found that 56 per cent of boys played sports in 2005, down from 66 per cent in 1992.
      • The top organized sports activities in the study for kids aged 5 to 14 in 2005 are:

        • Soccer (20 per cent
        • Swimming (12 per cent)
        • Hockey (11 per cent)
        • Basketball (eight per cent)
        • Baseball (five per cent)
        • Volleyball (three per cent)
        • Gymnastics (two per cent)
        • Karate (two per cent)
        • Skiing, downhill (two per cent)
        • Track and field – athletics (two per cent)
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    • Football may be the most popular spectator sport, but its participation levels are down 16.1 percent over the past decade. Perhaps this generation’s youngsters are also worried about the NFL lockout and its impact on the sport.
    • Fast Facts – key statistics pulled from graphs and charts throughout the report for ease and convenience
                Example: There are 6,794,000 tackle football participants in the U.S.  (2010).
    • September 3, 2009 – While basketball, baseball, and outdoor soccer may attract the most team sports participants in the U.S., overall participation numbers in team sports are not as strong as they once were.  The popularity of traditional team sports in the U.S. is being undermined by four key issues, according to an analysis of the Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association’s (SGMA) annual participation study on team sports — U. S. Trends in Team Sports (2009). 
    • High School Sports Scene:  Football is the #1 sport for high school boys while basketball and track & field are running ‘neck and neck’ as the two most popular sports for high school girls.
    • ut kids ages 6 to 17 are the second-fastest growing group of health club members
    • acrosse the fastest growing, according  to the latest study conducted by the Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association.
    • 26.2 million children ages 6  and older played basketball in 2008
    • Finishing a distant second and third were  baseball with 15 million and outdoor soccer with 14.2 million.
    • Lacrosse has grown steadily  since the turn of the millennium, more than doubling from 518,000 participants  in 2000 to 1.1 million in 2008
    • The team sports that fell  the furthest in participation numbers over the eight-year stretch were roller  hockey (down 60 percent), slow-pitch softball (down 28 percent) and ice hockey,  beach volleyball and gymnastics (each down approximately 20 percent).
    • Soccer and lacrosse are  widely viewed as the sports with the most growth potential over the next five  years. E
    • Jeff Hennion, chief marketing officer at Dick’s  Sporting Goods, expects soccer and lacrosse equipment to lead sales of  equipment for youth team sports.
    • “It’s worrisome to all of  us in youth sports,” said Jon Butler, executive director of Pop Warner. “I  think it’s an ominous sign.”
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    • In Pop Warner Football, participation has nearly doubled in the last 15 years, from about 130,000 players to 260,000 players, according to the organization. The cheerleaders, who have competitions of their own, are now 140,000 strong.
    • The report showed 7.783 million avid participants in 2002, down 14.6 percent from the 9,117 million of 2001.
    • US Youth Soccer registers more than 3 million players annually, ages 5 to 19, and over 900,000 administrators, coaches and volunteers in 55 member State Associations. US Youth Soccer programs provide a fun, safe and healthy environment for players at every level of the game. For more information, visit

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