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  • “From the Mastering WordPress Multisite series:
    How to enable Multisite on your WordPress 3.0+ installation

    By Ryan Imel 6 months ago”

    tags: wordpress multisite

  • “Step Five – Parking Your Domain and Editing the DNS

    At this point we’ll transition over to GoDaddy to edit the settings for the domain you want to map. This is not the domain that your network is installed under but rather the domain of an individual site that is part of your network.

    Log into your GoDaddy account
    Navigate to your domain manager screen
    Click on the domain you want to map
    The domain either needs to be parked or use GoDaddy’s default namesevers. You can not have custom nameservers, so if you need to click on “set namesevers” link and park your domain do it now
    Once your domain is parked or if you are using GoDaddy’s default nameservers you can launch their new DNS manager. Click the ‘launch’ link in the DNS manager section
    You are going to modify the A record. This should be the first record listed. Click on the editable area in the ‘points to’ column and paste the unique IP that you purchased from DreamHost for the main domain your network is installed under.
    Click the big black ‘Save Zone File’ button in the upper right corner of the screen.
    Log out of GoDaddy”

    tags: wordpress domain mapping

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