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  • “I’ve been working on another, more feature-rich plugin to crosspost entries from WordPress to Tumblr. It’s called Tumblrize. Tumblrize also supports per-post options, as well as Text, Photo, Quote, Audio, and Video Tumblr Post types. It also supports scheduled posts, effectively mimicking the Tumblr queue feature.

    Hope this helps. “

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  • “The plugin is simple to install…

    You simply take 5 minutes to input your account information, and continue to post to your blog as normal…

    Now every time you post, WP-Syndicator automatically promotes your blog at sites such as…”

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      • Top Features of the CTR Theme for WordPress


        • All the Ad Placement positions are the Top ones all as recommended by Google
        • Built-in Ad Randomization helps to Combat Ad Blindness
        • CTR Theme comes with a Fully Featured Admin Panel
        • The CTR Theme is Optimized for Ultra Fast Load Times
        • Integrated and Automatic Ad Hiding Based on Site Referrers
        • There are Multiple Subthemes for you to Choose From
        • And a whole lot more as well…
    • One thing that most really successful affiliates do is help their visitors make buying decisions by telling them which products are best and why. A perfect example is Rosalind Gardner, who earns $30,000 to 50,000 a month in affiliate commissions…“Allan Gardyne –
  • “As the “Queen of Affiliate Marketing” she regularly earns over a million dollars every year from her affiliate efforts and that is purely from simply selling a ton of other people’s products online. Just wish we could all be like Ros!”

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    • 4. Content is King. Today, he/she who has the gold does not make the rules. They simply have more money to create more content! Status updates, photos, blog posts, events, episodes, shout outs, discussion boards, press releases and articles (like how to guides). All of it is content, and you should always be adding more.
    • 6. Make it special. Create incentives for people to join your network and tune into the shows. Make them feel like they’re a part of something exclusive and fun, even though anyone can join.
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