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  • “Determining the competition.

    My criteria for determining the competition in a selected key-phrase I’m interested in is to see how many other websites have the same key-phrase in their titles. I check this by typing into Google search intitle:”Google Adwords External Keyword Tool” don’t forget the quotes. This gives me a good idea of what kind of competition I’m dealing with and as you can see there are only 51 other pages with the same title. I am definitely interested!”

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  • “I arrived on a blustery day, and I quickly learned that weather was just one of the factors these top barbecuers consider. Wind, you see, was one of the top worries, and the festival flags were snapping in the strong breeze. If you opened your cooker–doing its slow cook magic at 250 degrees–and the wind got in…well, that was it: your cooking temps could plummet. It’s a danger that could wreak havoc on cook times–and even make your final BBQ positively inedible.

    The mantra of various teams I visited with was low and slow. That means low cooking temps–not the 300-plus degree heat of grilling–and long slow cook times. How slow? The pork shoulders could take up to 18 hours; the whole hogs would take at least 20.

    Of course, we saw some wonderful cookers–the old jeep from “The Shed” team and the modified racing car from “Victory Lane.” But most notable was the intense barbecuing fraternity that took root on the Mid-South fairgrounds; these were folks who had found a love and were going after the biggest title in barbecuing but they were in it together.”

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  • Amazon sells mostly physical products. Clickbank goes for digital products like e-books or online home study courses whereby nothing physically ships to the customer’s door, but is instead instantly available for download or viewing on his computer screen.
    Both of them have their ups and downs.
    Physical products typically pay out less commissions (around 4% – 7%, depending).
    Digital products are delivered immediately after payment and offer a larger cut (50% – 100%). However, since it is so much easier to ask for a refund (and get to keep the products as well!), refund rates are much higher.
    On Amazon, I would choose a product that sells for $100 or more and with multiple good reviews. Multiple good reviews so that the buyer is comfortable to make a purchase, and more than $100 for a healthy commission.

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