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  • “Let me explain the system. I coach in the 12-14 level. These gives me 3 age levels to which we give a value. The younger kids (12}will be with us for the next three years so that has added value so we give these kids 10 points. The 13’s 5 points and the 14’s 0 points. We give the 14’s no points because the learning curve is longer than their time at this level.

    We then take the speed component and weight and divide that up to get what we call “hit power ratio”. This is just the kids 40 time converted to MPH multiplied by his weight then divided by 100. So a kid that runs the 40 in 5.0 seconds and is 145LB has a ratio (16.36 mph x 145lb)/100= 23.722 This can be compared to a kid that runs the 40 in 5.0 seconds and weighs 100 pounds (16.36 mph x 100)/100= 16.36

    Here comes the subjective component. Talent is something we all as coaches can see by the way the kid runs, passes, catches, his aggressiveness, and his smarts. You can make your own list but you must give it a number value. Lets say that you rate them at each of the above levels with excelent=2, good=1 and unsatisfactory=0. This means that a kid with excellent as his talent level is a 10 out of 10.

    In this system we have you have 3 values to be considered. The age, the hit ratio, and the talent. So in my case this kid is a 13 so he gets 5 points and a 10 in talent. The same hit ratio as above. His rating is 5 + 23.722 + 10= 38.722 This can be compared to a 14 year old that has the same speed and talent 0 +23.722 +10= 33.722. The higher the number the most benefit you get from him. “

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