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  • My P50HDM finally got the POD this afternoon. I too read online that Vizio is now covering parts and labor on these TV’s at 100% for the life of the TV. I called Vizio customer serivce, and the first thing they had me do was register the TV. (I never had) I bought the TV in 2007, it was a refurb that was manufactured in 2005. I couldn’t even remember the name of the company I purchased it from. (online purchase) They really didn’t seem to care about that at all. (I have no receipt, no proof of purchase, etc.) My TV also suffered from the other problems common to this model, red snow, having to turn the power on and off 10-15 times on occasion to actually get the set to come on, etc. I considered mentioning these issues when the rep asked what the problem was, but I had read on numerous sites that when you mention the POD the reps are so familiar with this issue you are immediately transferred to a Level 3 tech. So leaving out any other issues, I just described the POD. Almost instantly I was transferred to another tech (Level 3) who had me describe the problem and then told me I needed an in-home repair and that there would be no charge to me to repair the TV, Vizio would cover all costs. Nothing was ever said about a lifetime warranty, but clearly Vizio is aware of the issue with these TV’s and is repairing or replacing them at no charge. Again, this was on a refurbished TV, that I could not remember the name of the online business I purchased from, that was manufactured 4 years ago, and that I had no proof of purchase of, and Vizio instantly let me know there would be no charge to me. I believe the in-home repair visit is a formality, I have not heard of one actually being repaired, they are all replaced. (With a Vizio P50HDTVA10 from every account I’ve read) So my suggestion is when you call, do not mention ANY problem other than POD, as soon as they hear that you are certain to be told they will repair the set at no charge to you. I had first heard about the warranty over at FixYa, read a post from someone ba

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  • Call vizio’s customer support line and tell them you got the ‘pop of death’, They know this tv is a lemon and are standing behind it to make it right. They will take down your info and serial number and set up a repair order FREE OF CHARGE. When I called, they told me that this model was know to have serious defects and was given a lifetime manufacturer warranty to cover all parts and labor! What happens is that they send someone out, he pronounces the TV to be dead and not worth fixing and they give you a brand spankin new one! This way they get a better reputation by ‘covering’ their duds but reality is that they don’t have to keep fixing this tv if they replace it with a model that only has one year MFG warranty. Either way you win. Post back if you get a different result from calling Vizio. I’d like to know how everyone else’s experience is turning out.

    tags: television tv vizio p50hdtv

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