Parker Brother’s House Rules

#1 Rule of the Parker House – Make our women happy!


Daily Chores

  1. Clean upstairs;  your room, game room and bathroom – everything off the floor and put away
  2. Rinse off Dishes and Load / Unload Dishwasher
  3. Clear kitchen table, dirty placemats in laundry, wipe of table
  4. Sweep under table and kitchen
  5. Empty Trash in Kitchen if more than 75% full
  6. Bring down dirty clothes to laundry room Monday, Wednesday and Friday
  7. Pick up your items from downstairs
  8. Make mom and our women of the house happy every minute of the day

Weekly Chores

  1. Help mom with Laundry
  2. Vacuum Rooms upstairs
  3. Pick up and help clean around house
  4. Take out big Trash on Mondays
  5. Wipe off upstairs toilet all white areas and floor around toilet
  6. Pick up trash around outside of house and porch



Weeknight Bedtimes

  1. TV off at 8:15pm
  2. XBOX off at 7pm
  3. No snacks after 8pm
  4. In Bed at 8:30pm no later than 8:45pm
  5. Baths or Showers done by 8pm or in the morning
  6. If home late, you have one hour to get to bed.

Weekend and or no School / Church Bedtimes

  1. TV off at 8:30pm
  2. XBOX off at 7pm
  3. Baths or Showers done by 8:30 pm or in the morning
  4. In bed at 9 pm no later than 9:15pm unless a family movie
  5. If home late, you have one hour to get to bed.

Xbox Rules

  1. No Xbox before school or church or before 8am
  2. Only 4 hours of Xbox a day in total
  3. Xbox off by 7pm
  4. No Xbox until all homework done and or 30 minutes of reading
  5. No Xbox until 4pm on school days
  6. No Xbox before 8am on weekends
  7. All Daily Chores must be completed before playing Xbox
  8. If Guests no Xbox until 10:00 am or they are awake moving around the house

Television Rules

  1. TV off at 8:30pm on weeknights and 9pm on weekends
  2. No TV before 6:30 am
  3. No TV before homework is complete or read 30 minutes
  4. On weekends must work out one hour a day to watch TV
  5. All Chores must be completed before watching TV
  6. If guests asleep upstairs must watch TV downstairs
  7. Do not wake mom and dad to ask about watching TV


100 Things to do other than XBOX

  1. Go play in the backyard
  2. Watch the History Channel or Discovery Channel on TV
  3. Read a good book
  4. Work out
  5. Eat a snack
  6. Do your homework
  7. Clean your room
  8. Clean up around the house
  9. Clean your bathroom
  10. Load / Unload the Dishwasher
  11. Take out the trash
  12. Do the laundry
  13. Vacuum upstairs
  14. Play a board game
  15. Make your bed
  16. Play a card game
  17. Play with your race track
  18. Do education games on the computer
  19. Draw pictures
  20. Write a Story
  21. Take a nap
  22. Put together a puzzle
  23. Listen to music
  24. Practice the violin
  25. Learn a new instrument
  26. Play the piano
  27. Learn a new language like French or Chinese
  28. Wash the Cars
  29. Vacuum the Cars
  30. Clean inside the Cars
  31. Plan a meal
  32. Write down your goals
  33. Research colleges
  34. Set the table
  35. Sweep the kitchen
  36. Take out all the trash in house
  37. Wipe off Kitchen table
  38. Cook Dinner
  39. Watch movie with mom and dad
  40. Read ahead in school books
  41. Talk to mom and dad
  42. Play Solitaire
  43. Decorate house for holidays
  44. Write a letter to friends
  45. Read the bible
  46. Fold clothes
  47. Put away clothes
  48. Color
  49. Email family and friends
  50. Learn to take pictures
  51. Learn to use video camera
  52. Learn to edit videos and pictures
  53. Learn to build a website
  54. Learn to blog, facebook and tweet
  55. Talk to friends on the phone
  56. Play with Legos
  57. Play with Bionicles
  58. Learn something new
  59. Plan a family fields trip
  60. Plan a family vacation
  61. Create a desire / bucket list of things you want to see
  62. Research a state or foreign country
  63. Research an animal
  64. Play with electronic circuit game
  65. Build a model boat, plane car etc
  66. Build a birdhouse
  67. Collect stamps / coins
  68. Collect football cards sports cards
  69. Play darts
  70. Learn ms excel
  71. Learn power point
  72. Learn ms word
  73. Go swimming
  74. Go to the park and play
  75. Ride your bike
  76. Go play tennis
  77. Play football
  78. Play catch with baseball
  79. Batting practice on Tee
  80. Play golf at school with waffle balls
  81. Putt golf balls in cup
  82. Learn HTML and how to build a website
  83. Play frisbee
  84. Play foursquare
  85. Play with ipod dog
  86. Learn to use itunes
  87. Work out with king crab sled
  88. Scan photos into the computer
  89. Paint with water colors
  90. Read field and stream magazine
  91. Run around school
  92. Do agility speed drills with football bags
  93. Create your own board game
  94. Create your a comic book
  95. Write in a journal
  96. Make a calendar
  97. Write a song or peom
  98. Draw football plays
  99. Create a puppet show
  100. Write a play
  101. Create a secret code
  102. Research jobs and career
  103. Design clothes or shoes



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Youth Football Coach Keller, Texas, Web Developer, Wordpress Consultant, and an Internet Marketing / SEO / PPC Consultant.
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