Dallas Cowboys fire Wade Phillips

    • “When I spoke to the team, I talked of accountability,” Jones said. “Because it was such a vivid example of somebody that we all thought a lot of that we’re making a change with. That’s Wade. And I spoke to the realization that it’s not just about yourself – it impacts others.

      “So we all have our maker. We all have our judgment. And Wade today is a vivid example of accountability.”

    • “I think we are not recognizing the need to play in a winning way,” Jerry Jones said Monday afternoon after announcing Phillips’ firing, his last resort. “I also know how fleeting your time is to get to play, or how fleeting your time is, in my case, really, to get to be a part of the Dallas Cowboys. And so I think you ought to play like it’s the last play of your life every down. I don’t think we’re having that.”

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