Twitter, So What’s the Big Deal?

Ok, so I joined Twitter a few days ago after reading about a possible Google acquisition.  About a year ago, I almost joined Twitter when I set up my youth football coaching blog on WordPress but did not see the big deal about Twitter.  I joined instead and stopped using it after 4 or 5 months.  I know they are not the same.  I was tired of logging in every time I wanted to see a favorite link.  Sometimes you must keep it simple stupid.

I recently interviewed with a company in AR for a contract and they asked about Twitter because of all the media hype.  Maybe I”ve been around too long in the Internet / Web  industry, 14 years, and have lost my vision.   Ok, so people are now using Twitter.  Ride the wave, but is the next Google?  If the wave continues peaking well we have a wiener. 

I just started texting heavily about 6 months ago.  I have been carrying a Blackberry for about 5 years, so I never really needed to text.  It seems like Twitter is a web based SMS text tool with a history consolidation feature.  Almost like a texting listserve.  Am I missing something? 

Must I communicate now in 140 characters.  I thought email was bad.  So in 500 years will we lose our vocal cords to evolution? 

I do see some interesting marketing opportunities in using Twitter, if like with email you can build your list.

  1. Fundraiser Countdowns during last few hours to hit a goal
  2. Realtime updates for sports events, meeting notes, public announcements
  3. Newsfeeds about your company
  4. New Product Announcements / Launches – First to buy here wins?
  5. Realtime customer reviews or market surveys
  6. Social Study – what are you doing right now?
  7. Real time price comparisons

There are a ton more I am sure.  Look at what you were doing with email and localize / personalize even more.  A friend of mine said the other day that the web trends have been Global, National, State, Regional, City, Local, Community and now the individual.  Well I added the last few targets. 

Olgilvy 360 Digital Influence summarized Twitter’s usage into these categories…

  • Customer Relations
  • Crisis Management
  • Corporate Reputation Management
  • Event Coverage
  • Product Sales & Promotions
  • Issue Advocacy

Like Robert DeNiro, said in Meet the Parents, maybe its all about your Circle of Trust.  🙂


About Steve Parker

Youth Football Coach Keller, Texas, Web Developer, Wordpress Consultant, and an Internet Marketing / SEO / PPC Consultant.
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