Pacman Jones and Cowboys – Football Sports

I was born outside of Dallas, and so I am a die hard Dallas Cowboys football fan.  I am disappointed in the Cowboys for signing Adam Pacman Jones.  Why would the Cowboys or any other team continue to sign thugs that waste their talents off the football field?  As a former football player that was too small to play college ball, it chaps my ass to see these players with GOD given talents disrespect themselves and the game. 

The NFL and NCAA must stop looking the other way when talented football players or any athlete continues to misbehave off the field.  I’m all for forgiving one or two small mistakes but when a player has a history a possible criminal activity, there is some truth of guilt surrounding the player, even if he is not found guilty in court.  In Corporate America these players would be fired and their careers would be in serious jeopardy.

The honor of the game is at risk by reenforcing the bad behavior and allowing these thugs to play the game at this elite level.  I don’t want my two sons watching these thugs play the game.  NFL & NCAA take a stand and set a no tolerance policy on criminal behavior, professional sports should be played by honorable players not criminals. 


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