Let down but Belgian Beer is Best

Kasteel BeerI really feel like I’ve let myself down on the phat man blog.  I just can’t jump start the writing.  Am I afraid?  No, not really but I dont have my phat man voice yet.  This doesn’t sound like the gregarious phat man?  Aren’t you suppose to be witty and gregarious? 

But I did find something interesting to a gregarious phat man; BEER.  Kasteel Bier is my favorite beer from Europe.  Its very dark, sweet and thick.  If you can find it, pick up a case.

You can buy Kasteel at the I brought back 24 beers from Belgium on one of my business trips and Kasteel was the favorite and also my room mates favorite.  We also liked Chimay and Duvel.  Another great beer with a great names is Hoegaarden Forbidden Fruit.  Check out the cool label.

You can order both these beers and more Belgian Beer here.

Enjoy.  More is always Better!


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